Upcoming Webinar: "Technology and Sexual Assault"

November 10, 2017

Wednesday November 29th 11:00am – 12:30pm News headlines frequently feature online predators, sexting, sextortion, and revenge porn. The role of technology in sexual assault is much broader than those soundbite topics. As technology has become woven into almost every aspect of our daily lives, it has also been woven into the dynamics of sexual assault. Technology plays a crucial role in the maintenance of a rape culture by raising up voices that minimize assault, justify coercion, and share tactics. Technology also extends the reach of offenders: giving access to information about victims, providing private ways to communicate with victims, and preserving images of an assault. The highly social nature of our modern world strips privacy from victims, and online harassment creates a barrier to speaking out. But technology can also be a crucial tool for survivors and those who work with them to help create pathways to healing, justice, and social change. This webinar will provide information and resources about the ways technology is misused in cases of sexual assault. We will also discuss how advocates and other service providers can help sexual assault survivors assess and strategize around the use of technology. The webinar will include steps to take to document and gather evidence, as well as strategies to help victims regain a sense of privacy and safety. With guest trainer Toby Shulruff, Senior Technology Safety Specialist with the Safety Net Project at the National Network to End Domestic Violence. To register: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/qd7ootdz21uu&eom ]]>