Prevention Education

We believe that together, through programming and partnerships across the state, we can prevent sexual violence before it occurs.

What We Do:

  • Provide training and technical assistance to ALL NCCASA member organizations to help create or sustain your local sexual violence prevention program.
  • Coordinate the statewide Campus Consortium, so that all campuses in North Carolina can support each other in their sexual violence prevention work.
  • Work with partners to ensure the presence of sexual violence prevention programming in schools, on college campuses, and in marginalized communities.
  • Create tools and resources for the state based upon the most cutting edge research in the field.
  • Plan statewide sustainability efforts to help better connect people and communities across the state, and to ensure that sexual violence prevention remains a priority for all North Carolinians.
  • Host monthly calls for member agency staff doing prevention work for group technical assistance and mutual learning share. Calls are the 3rd Tuesday of each month, and require registration (link is in the monthly member mailing).


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Contact Linda Chamic-Case, Prevention Education Program Manager, at 919-871-1015 or [email protected] to find out more about the opportunities available for your agency and ways to get involved.