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Are you a college student that has been sexually assaulted? You are not alone. Contact NCCASA's Staff Attorney, Skye David, for free assistance. You can call Skye at (919) 871-5868 or email Skye at

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2021 Question and Answers to the 2020 Title IX Regulations: July 2021, , , , , , ,
Finalized Title IX Rules: Changes from Previous Guidance, , , , , ,
Title IX Process Under Finalized Department of Education Rules, , , , , ,
Key Campus Sexual Assault Terms and Policies to Know, , , , ,
Title IX — New Regulations for K12 Schools, , , , , , , , , ,
Title IX for AdvocatesThis Zoom training will feature an overview of new Title IX Regulation, what advocates can and cannot do when serving as the advocate in a Title IX Investigation, and how to best serve survivors in a campus or K-12 capacity., , , , , , ,
CDC Campus Sexual Violence Prevention (2016)This technical assistance document, Sexual Violence on Campus: Strategies for Prevention combines the findings from the Think Tank and Action Planning Meetings with the best available evidence on sexual violence prevention and reflects CDC’s current thinking about how to prevent sexual violence on college and university campuses. This information is …, , , , ,
Title IX Support for Historically Black Colleges & UniversitiesLast month, the Department of Education released the finalized version of the Title IX Regulations to be implemented by campuses by August 14th. The new regulations are over 2,000 pages, and are incredibly dense to read, so we will break them down through a culturally affirming lens for North Carolina’s …, , , , , , ,