Our Work

Working together to end sexual violence through education, advocacy, and legislation.

Member Services

NCCASA provides support to rape crisis centers and other members as we build capacity and resources to support all survivors of sexual violence and to build the anti-violence movement locally across NC. Member support services include one-on-one technical assistance, bi-annual member meetings, and other networking opportunities such as working and learning groups.

The Training Institute

NCCASA hosts multiple trainings every year that cover a diverse range of topics concerning sexual assault and human trafficking. These trainings are provided at no cost for NCCASA members.


NCCASA provides support to agencies working throughout the state to affect cultural change and prevent sexual violence.

Legal Advocacy

NCCASA provides legal support to survivors of sexual violence and keeps the membership informed of legislative concerns and opportunities for advocacy.

Human Trafficking

NCCASA works with partners across the state and nation to support victims of human trafficking and end human trafficking.

The Young Advocates Institute

“YAI” is a summer program designed by NCCASA to engage teens in social justice work. Teenagers learn about oppression and violence and what they can do to promote equality and peace in their communities.