Member Services

There are many benefits that NCCASA members enjoy, including access to resources, trainings, technical assistance, and more! If you have any questions related to NCCASA membership, please contact [email protected].

NCCASA Membership Benefits

  • Member Mailing Emails
    • Includes monthly NCCASA updates, resources, news, and upcoming trainings
  • Technical Assistance
    • NCCASA staff offers assistance to members through phone, email, or site visits
    • Potential assistance could include: coordinating SART, developing prevention strategies, working through challenging cases, and creating innovative ways to engage the community in anti-sexual violence work
  • Access to Resources
    • Access to the NCCASA library and any recorded webinars, toolkits, or other resources we have created
  • Access to Workshops and Trainings by NCCASA
    • In person trainings and webinars
    • Fall and Spring member meetings
  • Language Line Services
    • Access to a language line via Into Languages Global, this provides interpretation over the phone, video interpreting, and face-face interpreting (in some counties)
    • For information on how to use and access the language line services, please view the "Language Line Access Information" document available once you are signed in to Coalition Manager, available under Resource Manager.
  • Opportunities to Apply for Grant Funding
    • Including the SASP grant
  • Opportunities for Scholarships
    • NCCASA sponsors scholarships to attend statewide and national trainings and conferences
  • Reduced Fees for the NCCASA Statewide Biennial Conference

Membership Pricing

The annual price of an NCCASA membership depends on the type of membership you are interested in. We offer individual, student, organization, or Rape Crisis Center NCCASA memberships. The prices for each are listed below. If you are unable to pay the new membership fee or your membership renewal fee at this type you can request a hardship waiver from [email protected].

Individual Membership: $50

Student Membership: $25

Organization or RCC Program: $150, $300, or $500 depending on your agency’s annual budget

Annual budgets <$100,000 -$150

Annual budgets $100,000-$500,000 -$300

Annual budgets >$500,000 -$500

Becoming a Member

NCCASA is happy that you are interested in becoming a member! To become a member you will need to request to join our member database system, Coalition Manager. Visit this link, fill out your information, and click send.

Once you have filled this information out a request to join will be sent to our Member Services Director. They will review your request, and you will then receive an email from [email protected] about setting up your Coalition Manager account. Please follow the instructions in this email to set up your Coalition Manager account.

Once you have done this you can watch this quick tutorial on how to pay your membership dues.  Please pay your dues as soon as you set your Coalition Manager account up. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

Membership Renewal

NCCASA is glad to have you as a member. Your NCCASA membership must be renewed every year (one year from your last membership payment) in order for you to continue to have access to membership benefits. To renew your membership you can make a payment online through Coalition Manager. To watch a quick tutorial on how to do this click here!

As an NCCASA member, you should already have set up your Coalition Manger account. We ask that you update your contact information on here and add any new staff emails when you renew your membership—while you can do this at any time of the year, we ask that you at least check and update your contact info once a year. If you forgot your password and need us to reset it or you still need to set up a Coalition Manager account please contact [email protected].