Essential Knowledge to Address the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in North Carolina

This special training program provides essential and critical knowledge on commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in North Carolina. The goal of this project is to better equip all those interacting with and caring for children and youth in North Carolina to end and prevent this form of exploitation, also referred to as child sex trafficking. NCCASA led a team of subject matter experts to create NC-specific content, collaborating with Justice U to provide online courses, digital certifications, and support for continuing education units (CEUs) needed.

This 3-part series includes:

  1. Human Trafficking Awareness 
  2. CSEC Awareness in North Carolina 
  3. Understanding My Role to Address CSEC

This online self-paced curriculum is available through August 20, 2023. The Estimated time to complete this series is four hours. Learners who complete the entire series will earn:

  •  Digital badges
  •  A digital certification (available also as a PDF)
  •  CME/CE credits

To address the commercial sexual exploitation of children together, we need a starting point. That starting point is solid, reliable information about the problem:

  • Information that is not rooted in urban legends, sensationalized or politicized narratives or anecdotal misinformation
  • Information that is evidence-informed and peer reviewed by subject matter experts
  • Information that includes ALL survivor experiences, not just those that aligns with our individual biases
  • Information that is specific to current North Carolina legislation and policy.

This is why NCCASA chose to collaborate with the Justice U Education Consultants and Developers to provide North Carolina learners with the highest quality training program that meets the above standards in the online training series. 


It is our hope that through this training, we build a statewide foundation of learners across systems who are equipped with accurate information about the problem of child sex trafficking. This is our starting place so we will have all the information we need to take the next step toward a statewide response to the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Join us!