Funding Announcement: Request For Proposals

December 19, 2017

NCCASA has finally been notified of the release of  funding to enhance services for sexual assault survivors. The two services NCCASA will be providing is therapeutic services and language access services. These are two of the priorities we have heard from advocates, survivors and our funders.

To that end, NCCASA is releasing two RFPs for contracts to develop and implement in partnership with NCCASA and member centers statewide services. The therapeutic services will include therapist available to provide onsite counseling and/or support group as an addition to services already provided by rape crisis centers. The language access services will include phone, in person and video interpretation services.
Given the time line of the funding, this will be an expedient process. Our hope is an entity with not only the subject expertise but the ability to provide access to rape crisis centers statewide. This is an ambitious goal and we hoped we would have a longer timeline however funding determines the timeline. Therefore, we acknowledge this first year will be a pilot to determine the feasibility of a statewide reach. The RFP does denote statewide, to ensure applicants have the ability to provide the services in each NCCASA region.
Stay tuned, as we move through the process we will keep you informed on next steps. Please feel free to share with anyone that maybe interested in submitting a proposal. If you have any quesitons, please contact Monika at
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