NCCASA 2023 Biennial Conference-Back to the Future-Call for Proposals

NCCASA 2023 Biennial Conference
Back to the Future

Tuesday, May 16th – Thursday, May 18th, 2023


Conference will be held virtually through Zoom. All logistics and information will be sent out to each presenter once their proposal has been approved.

**Call for Proposals**

“Do not dwell on the past! The past has been written with ink…the future in pencil! Worries about what cannot be changed is unnecessary, focus on what you can control and work to not make the mistakes again.”

NCCASA’s 2023 Conference, Back to the Future, will focus on potential applications of lessons learned, promising practices, and our pathways forward to ending sexual violence in NC. As we look toward a world where COVID will always have an impact, we are still reminded that there is a need to offer spaces for recovery and to collectively share ideas for equilibrium and rebuilding.

We are looking for workshops that explore the following questions: How do we build trust and relationships with collaborative partners and community members, with marginalized communities, in our service delivery and intervention, and in our primary prevention? How do we acknowledge and support survivorship in the work with trauma- informed and person- centered care? Also, how do we enhance agency capacity, outreach, community organizing, program management & development to prevent and address trauma while promoting health, wellness, and access to resources and safety? We especially welcome culturally-specific workshops that promote sexual violence specific resources and services outside of the civil/legal system.

Workshops are 90 minutes in duration, and priority will be given to sessions that are interactive, engaging, and provide participants with something tangible. We envision workshops that go beyond lecture style presentations. We are accustomed to and encourage a delivery style such as Train the Trainer, case studies, or small group work. Our goal is to offer participants a conference experience with minimal lecture that promotes participation amongst attendees.

The Conference Committee composed of NCCASA members and allied professionals will select workshops based on the content of the proposal and the relevancy to the 2023 conference. Proposals should include and make clear how lessons learned and promising practices can be analyzed and implemented to continue forward momentum.

Guidelines for Submitting Proposals:


  • Please complete the training proposal form on the following page. Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed by the Proposal Committee.
  • Training proposals are due by 5:00pm on Monday, March 13th, 2023. Proposals received after this deadline will not be reviewed by the Proposal Committee.
  • Please submit your training proposal via email with the subject line, “TRAINING PROPOSAL,” to Deanna Harrington, Director of Statewide Capacity, at [email protected].
  • Training proposal submission does not guarantee workshop acceptance.


  • Notification of selection will happen on Monday April 1st, 2023


Click here to fill out the Proposal Form.