Everyday is Black History

February 28, 2020

NCCASA is going to do Black History Month a little different.. stay with me. February is an important month because in all media, schools and public institutions representation will expound and offer a robust melanin laced acknowledgement of African American contributions. That is great and appreciated. However, everyday is a celebration of Black History when accurate histories and depictions are shared. Because multiple things can exist at one time, let’s embrace that Black History Month matters and everyday is Black History.

Now that we have grasped that, join NCCASA in a reframe that aligns with #BlackHerStory #BlackNonConfirmingStory, #BlackTransStory, #BlackLGBTstory. This is not an effort to diminish the contributions of the amazing men in Black History. In turn, it’s an intentional focus to lift up and celebrate the stories that are not told enough in the media, in classrooms, in social media feeds nor in our daily conversations. It’s an action of equity, equality and let’s be honest, pure appreciation. Let’s lift every voice and sing… ring with the harmonies of liberty for all #BlackWomen, #BlackNonConfirming, #BlackTrans, and #BlackLGBT Stories. Together we can change the narrative and rewrite true history!


Tracy Wright,

Resource Sharing Project Technical Assistance Provider/WOC Leadership