Strengthening Healthy, Equitable, and Resilient Organizational Cultures: You have uncovered dynamics…Now what?

Jan 12, 2022 / 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Jan 12, 2022


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Part I: Understanding our Culture and Identifying Dynamics

Leaders influence organizational culture, identify organizational patterns, and define the boundaries of the org culture internally to staff members as well as to the external environment. During this highly interactive workshop we will explore the following:

  • What is organizational culture? How do you describe your current organizational culture?
  • What values and patterns have persisted in your organization over time? What are your organization’s norms?
  • What are your organizational strengths? What strengths does your agency need to develop?
  • What are your organizational shadows? How are you currently addressing the shadows?

Part II: Building and Maintaining a Healthy Staff Culture

No one person, leader, or agency has “all the answers.” Strong collaboration within teams and across agencies is needed for building equitable and resilient organizations that support healthy lives and well-being. Research indicates that diverse teams bring a diversity of perspectives, leading to improved and more accurate group work. We will take this opportunity to learn together about promoting equity through action in service to increasing health and resilience across our agencies. To do so we will name “what is”, collectively make meaning, and engage in creative storytelling to generate action steps. Specifically:

  • Build on existing organizational and community experience and knowledge
    • Impact: Anchors strengths, builds collaboration, and promotes shared leadership
    • Question: What resources helped us to weather storms in the past?
  • Strengthen collaborations internally and across agencies
    • Impact: Strengthens health and well-being
    • Question: Who might this project be forgetting? / Who is not at the table?
  • Focus on outcomes
    • Impact: Action builds individual and organizational esteem
    • Question: Do we engage in the same recurring conversations or do we have evidence of action?

These webinars are intended for anyone who holds a leadership role at their organization. This could be executive directors, associate directors, program managers, etc. If you have any questions about registration reach out to Leah Poole at [email protected] 

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