Addressing Cumulative Trauma: Building Resilience for Individuals and Teams

Mar 30, 2022 / 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Mar 30, 2022


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Join NCCASA and Dr. Shana Hormann for another part in our series on organizational trauma! Teams and organizations, like individuals, can be harshly impacted by trauma. The COVID pandemic has added a layer of trauma over our collective work and our individual lives. We are faced with a given that many of our organizational cultures and our staff are struggling with cumulative trauma. We look around and see that the pain and shock of trauma are reverberating through teams, agencies and first responder units in our communities. The added layer of trauma from the pandemic is especially burdensome for individuals and communities that also suffer from historical trauma and/or trauma from racial injustice. Over time the unhealed effects of trauma compromise individual and organizational health. We come together with the knowledge that trauma has happened, that we may be individually and collectively experiencing cumulative trauma, and to build resilience for moving forward.

Part I –

  • Identify and name the trauma(s)
  • Describe steps taken or needed for containment
  • Explore methods and venues for collective meaning making

Part II –

  • Identify individual and collective resilience methods with emphasis on culturally appropriate responses
  • Engage in Reflective Practice
  • Create action steps

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