Emergent Space

September 15, 2020

Read Emergent Space Here: Emergent Space: Finding An Alternative

Over the summer of 2020, NCCASA was extraordinarily lucky to host two brilliant interns through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Moxie Scholars program. From their first meetings with me, Montia and Shareen showed so much intention and passion about their work, and about the transformative principles that can emerge from seeing connections in all the pieces of your life -- work, study, praxis, activism, organizing, relationship, and love. Our summer project was to envision new ways that teachers could better support LGBTQ+ students in K-12 schools, and as we discussed the kinds of spaces that would allow people room to learn, to make mistakes, and to still feel held, we had conversations comparing the strengths and challenges of safe and brave space frameworks.

This booklet emerged out of those spirited conversations as a separate project, and quickly took on a life of its own.

NCCASA's staff has been honored to serve as mentors to Shareen and Montia, to learn with and from them, and to have our own personal, professional, and visionary practices enriched and revitalized by our time together. I look forward to continued collaborations with them on this concept, and share in their deep gratitude for adrienne maree brown and the many visionary Black feminists before her who inspired this collaboration.

Feel free to post, promote, or otherwise highlight this document unaltered, to implement its ideals in your program, and to reference it in your training or materials (properly credited). Please reach out if you would like to discuss emergent spaces further or to collaborate on a derivative work!


Chris Croft, Prevention Education Program Manager
NCCASA Resource

Emergent Space: Finding An Alternative