Common Ground

February 10, 2023

The excitement is building on Common Ground…

Read on to be a part of the excitement while we build a whole new look for you!


What is Common Ground?


Since the Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative was so specific to the project, we wanted to give the SADI Corner a makeover to make it more relevant and sustainable. We want to keep the lessons we learned from the SADI Project, but present them in ways that express our continuity and commitment to putting it all into everyday action. 


Why “Common Ground?


Oh how we wrestled with the name! “What’s in a name”? Unlike Juliet’s take on them, there’s a lot to unpack from a name. The webpage name for this was no different. When named well, resource pages can provide inspiration, navigation, and be a great clue of where to find the most useful information. So why “Common Ground”?

I will say, I researched hundreds of names until I found something that sat well with me. Something I could feel in my soul. But, if I am being honest, the word “common” has always given me pause. This is mainly because so much of me exists in the UNcommon. I revel in standing out and being different. Differences rock! However, so much of who we are and what we do, threads through each other’s lives in a woven tapestry that has become this glorious movement.

 It was important for me to choose a name that all of the threads of our movement could come and glean resources to move the needle forward towards ending sexual violence. The name also needed to represent not only the beautiful threads of advocacy, but also the prickly pins and needles of racism and oppression. For such difficult things though, we needed something strong. A stronger representation of the work we plan to do on this page. A battlefield, if you will. 

But since I, as the SADI Specialist, weaving this tapestry, am more of a lover than a fighter, I wanted a simpler place. A common ground, per say. A place where we can confront the difficult topics in a technical way, that moves all the pieces together. A place that can include everyone, a place that focuses on those in marginalized communities that need the most attention. A place to focus on all the lessons we learned from SADI, but making it more accessible and easy to put into practice. 

So… after much thought and lots of research, The Common Ground sat well within my soul. It feels good. It’s a safe space. It’s a welcoming place. It’s the judgment- free zone. There is much to be learned and learn FROM The Common Ground. It’s a great place to start. Once I sat with the word, and really began to think about all the things that connect us, I realized that “common” is not so bad. It’s very important we meet on common ground in advocacy. Whether it’s one on one with survivors, or working policy change, it’s always a wonderful start when you begin on common ground. I hope you all are as excited about the construction of this page as we are. I have so many wonderful resources planned and I look forward to working with all of you in turning this into a successful venture. With that said, Caution! Hard hats are required in this area! Let’s get this done together!