NEW Sexual Assault 101

Next offering of IN-PERSON SA 101 April 22nd and 23rd in Waynesville, NC. The new Sexual Assault 101 is designed to help advocates see the change to the field after the impact of COVID-19 and the continued impact of rational reckoning. The training will walk advocates through empathy building activities and critical thinking excercises/role plays that they would encounter on a daily basis at a local rape crisis center. Sexual Assault 101 takes a deeper dive into medical advocacy/ hospital response, ethics, acute and non-acute crisis intervention skills and trauma informed care. The goal is for Advocates to leave the training feeling that they have a sense of who they are as advocates.


Click here to register. Limited spots available.

This toolkit walks you through everything you need to engage elected officials- whether at the local, state, or federal level (or all three)! It includes links to elected officials, talking points, and much more. For any help or questions about the toolkit, contact Staff Attorney Skye David at [email protected].
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NCCASA and NCCADV are starting off 2024 with an in person Region Meeting for the Council for Women and Youth Involvement Eastern Region.  The meeting is scheduled for Thursday 2/15 from 10-1. This will be the first of two meetings for this region.  The second date and location will be announced soon. 


The meeting will take place in Lumberton at 120 Glen Cowan Rd. There is a training room that has been reserved for us.  


Below is the registration link.  If you have a topic that you would like to discuss for your region, please answer the question on the registration form asking for that information.  


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Deanna at NCCASA @ [email protected]


February 15th 2024 

NCCASA’s goal is to always center the experience of survivors as we drive our work forward and prioritize strategies to assistance the community agencies, including rape crisis centers, that provide response to sexual assault survivors.  As the effects of VOCA cuts continue to be felt across the country, NC is not immune to the impact.  NCCASA wants to be able to step in and fill gaps that might begin to arise for the agencies across the state. When budgets are thin, training budgets and memberships to organizations are more difficult to pay for and/or justify when needing to keep the folx on the front line who are serving survivors.  In order to assist agencies during this time, the NCCASA team wanted to make folx aware of three benefits we are working to make more known to local rape crisis centers.  


The first program is our Membership Hardship Waiver program.  When the pandemic began, NCCASA began offering this program as agencies struggled to bring in donations and hold fundraising events.  To access this program, your agency administrator can click this link and fill out a waiver application. The waiver is good for 12 months after the approval date.  In this program, folx have full access to all the membership benefits the agency would have if they were to pay, including access to free training.


The second program is our self-paced online training, Advocacy Fundamentals Course.  With an active membership, paid or waived, your agency has access to the 20 hour course. The course covers the basics of sexual assault response and provides the 20 hour of training that advocates (staff or volunteers)  at local rape crisis centers to obtain Advocate Privilege in the state of NC.  Agencies can not only utilize this training to train new staff, but also their volunteers.  This training does not serve as a replacement for your volunteer training, but can be used to cover the basics and allow staff time to be spent on covering specific agency/community knowledge.  If you are interested in utilizing the Advocacy Fundamentals Course for your volunteer program, please contact Deanna, Director of Statewide Capacity, at [email protected]


Lastly,  NCCASA has been working diligently to move all of our webinars that are older than a year to our Youtube channel.  These trainings are free and do not require any type of membership to access. Check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel, here.  


NCCASA wants all agencies to know that we are here to support you through tough budgetary times.  If there are other gaps your agency is struggling with, please let us know. You can contact our Executive Director, Monika Johnson Hostler at [email protected] and/or Deanna Harrington at [email protected]

NCCASA wants agencies and their leadership to feel empowered to keep the pulse on the VOCA fix and the fund balance deposits.  This information will help you with projection for your budgets and decision making over the next couple of budget cycles.  At this link, you can find information that is updated regularly showing the fund balance, deposits and trends.  We encourage folx to check this regularly.  NCCASA will continue to keep you updated on ways your agency can help advocate on the federal level to increase the deposits,as well as national efforts NCCASA is a part of. 


What would it be like to travel back in time to join those who sparked the movement to end sexual violence? What if we paused to listen and look at their roadmap that is their legacy?
We step into their legacy when we listen to their voices as survivors existing on the margins. They were the Change-Makers who sacrificed everything to survive and thrive.They organized, carved out safe spaces for themselves, used networks, relationships, and the media that was available at the time.
We step into their legacy when we listen to the current voices of survivors existing on the margins: We are the Change-Makers who follow their roadmap and carve new paths using technology, media, networks, healing arts, and amplify the voices who still demand change.
This year’s conference is a gathering of Change-Makers and we hope to see you there!
Check out this year’s conference lineup! 
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Financial assistance is available to survivors of sexual assault and local programs that provide sexual assault response services to survivors. A limited amount of funds is available for distribution between now and June 15, 2023. Financial assistance is not recurring and is only provided once. Funding is provided for payment or reimbursement of expenses for which a bill or receipt can be provided. This funding will prioritize applicants who have expenses related to an assault that happened in the last 12 months, but other applicants may still apply. Applicants must live in the state of North Carolina.

Survivors of sexual violence can request payment or reimbursement for expenses such as the following when those expenses are related to their assault: 

This funding can also be used for staff of local programs that provide sexual assault prevention and response services. Specifically, when the request is related to secondary trauma, the funding can provide:


To apply, complete the Google Fom. Someone from NCCASA will notify all applicants that their application has been received and if their request has been approved for funding. If you experience any technical difficulties completing this application, please call 919-871-1015 or [email protected] for assistance. 

It’s possible we are all a little cagey to get too excited about 2023. Maybe our hope has been a bit dulled by the last couple of years. It may just feel safer to lower the bar when it comes to expectation. However, it’s worth reflecting together that we have weathered some storms and we are all still here! As survivors, advocates, friends and colleagues we have discovered courage and resolve we didn’t know we had. When we shine that light of resilience, we encourage each other to keep on. 

What does “light in the darkness” mean to you? Maybe you think about your faith or someone who was a guide or support during a rough time, or when you were able to strengthen another person. Maybe it was a date on the calendar, a powerful memory, or something to look forward to. An old friend we unexpectedly run into at just the right time. That text with an apology or a well-deserved “thank you.” That sacred place where you feel closest to something larger than yourself. 

For me, a light in the darkness means hope: hope we receive and hope we give.

It means clarity and presence, whether the light is a part of the collective light of others, or if it shines alone: one small point of light, defying the darkness, refusing to be overcome by it. Maybe it shines though it flickers and is dim, or maybe it glows with steady intensity and heat. Either way, lights in the darkness remind us that we are not alone, and that there IS a way forward. 

In January we focus on human trafficking awareness and we have seen significant changes in the North Carolina Anti-Human Trafficking (AHT) landscape in funding, organizational capacity and partnerships. And while there are many bright spots to celebrate, we have more work to do in centering survivors' well-being and implementing public health framework in our programs and strategic planning. We want our work to be impactful in the way it gives hope to others. 

We can also be a light in the way we do our work. What would happen if we prioritized: 

  • impact over output?
  • courtesy over competition?
  • relationships over influence?
  • abundance over scarcity?
  • presence over busyness?
  • empowering survivors over personal glory?

As we face 2023 with all the joys and challenges it will bring, let’s resolve together to cultivate that which gives light to others. In the very real darkness, let’s resolve to be hope givers. 

Courtney Dunkerton, Human Trafficking Program Coordinator

NCCASA is happy to introduce our newly revised Sexual Assault Advocacy Fundamentals Course. This course is broken up into two parts and will provide 20  hours of training for member Rape Crisis Center advocates.  If you are an advocate at a state recognized Rape Crisis Center, this training will provide you with the hours and skills needed to have advocate privilege.  This training is open to anyone with membership.  We have included resources, citations, a link to directly email NCCASA for technical assistance, self-care breaks and quiz’s.  This course is intended to replace Sexual Assault 101 and 102 webinar/in person  trainings and the previously launched online module “Sexual Assault 101 Learning Course”.  We are so excited to offer this new opportunity to members to further their training and capacity and hope that you enjoy your experience. If you have any questions or technical issues, please contact Deanna Harrington at [email protected]. Click here to register.

Happy Learning!!

If you were able to attend the Spring Member Meeting this year, you were part of a spiritual, hopeful, and inspiring talk given by Tai Simpson. Tai is a Social Change Associate with the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence. Tai is a storyteller and was generous enough to share her talents and knowledge around storytelling in the anti-sexual violence movement with us. Our goal was to create a story of what does anti- sexual violence work look like in NC and where do we go from here. 

Here are some highlights from this time we spent in community:

As part of this time, Tai also gave three prompts for attendees to engage with. The prompts were: 

  1. How do you love yourself well?
  2. In a world without violence, I imagine ______
  3. Collective thriving is ______

The chat box overflowed with thoughtful and hopeful responses. Things like “I love myself well by connecting with my ancestors” , “by recognizing that rest is revolutionary”. In a world without violence I imagine “peace”, “all the fractured parts to be united”, “freedom”, “joy” and collective thriving is “choosing to love”, “connection”, “heaven on Earth”. 

We invite those who were unable to attend to share your responses to these prompts either through the use of this  jamboard or by emailing us directly. Your responses can be in the form of words, art, graphics. You can send your emails to [email protected] With your responses to these prompts, you’re helping NCCASA envision the future of the anti- sexual violence movement in NC and what we can do to support you in achieving your goals.

During the member meeting, we were also joined by a wonderful artist, Alexandria Clay, who provided us with a graphic rendering of our time together. You can view that image here