Statement on the Leaked Roe v. Wade Decision

May 10, 2022

NCCASA, alongside the nation, has been processing the leaked Supreme Court draft decision that was released on Monday night. At NCCASA, we know that reproductive justice is essential to ending sexual violence, and the impacts of this pending decision will impact survivors across North Carolina and the nation. Advocates and survivors intimately know that intimate violence is centered in power and control and oftentimes, harm doers use reproductive choices, or lack thereof, against a survivor. 


NCCASA believes that in order to end the cycle of power and control in violence cases, survivors must have options to seek personalized medical care, have a variety of healthcare options, and ultimately, the option to make their own reproductive choices. Limiting this access will disportionately impact marginalized communities, and could ultimately result in more harm and violence for survivors. 


While the news about the potential Roe decision is upsetting, NCCASA wants to assure survivors that we are a resource. Currently, Roe stands. In North Carolina, abortion care is available, and there are resources for survivors needing access to reproductive care across the state.