Hospital Billing Talking Points

Financial assistance is available to survivors of sexual assault and local programs that provide sexual assault response services to survivors. A limited amount of funds is available for distribution between now and June 15, 2023. Financial assistance is not recurring and is only provided once. Funding is provided for payment or reimbursement of expenses for which a bill or receipt can be provided. This funding will prioritize applicants who have expenses related to an assault that happened in the last 12 months, but other applicants may still apply. Applicants must live in the state of North Carolina.

Survivors of sexual violence can request payment or reimbursement for expenses such as the following when those expenses are related to their assault: 

  • medical services (hospital or medical bills or co-pays, rape kit) 
  • emergency transportation
  • therapy 
  • child care
  • emergency housing
  • legal representation

This funding can also be used for staff of local programs that provide sexual assault prevention and response services. Specifically, when the request is related to secondary trauma, the funding can provide:

  • an advocate therapist
  • a group therapy/debrief for staff