Powerful Prevention Webinar Series

Series description:

Whether you’re new to prevention or an experienced preventionist, this webinar series will prepare you to deliver powerful sexual violence prevention programming in your community. These webinars are ideal for: RPE Subrecipients, local programs implementing prevention through other funding streams, local programs hoping to apply for RPE funding in future grant cycles, and local programs considering implementing prevention programming in the future.


  • Logic Models 101 (View Webinar Here)
    • Description: In this 90-minute webinar we will explore different reasons for using logic models - why they are helpful, how they are organized and how to build and interpret them. We will learn the basics of the main building blocks of logic models : Inputs, Activities / Processes, Outputs, Short-term Outcomes, Intermediate Outcomes, and Long-term Outcomes, and how they relate to and flow among one another.
  • Prevention 101 (View Webinar Here)
    • Description: In this 90-minute webinar, attendees will learn the basics of a public health approach to sexual assault prevention. Topics covered will include the difference between outreach, awareness, and prevention; in-depth exploration of what the social ecological model means for our prevention programming; benefits and challenges with engaging local schools; and how to mobilize community partners and create a local sexual violence prevention task force.
  • Trauma-Informed Prevention (View Webinar Here)
    • Description: In this 90-minute webinar, attendees will learn to smooth out potential rough spots in prevention programming using the acronym SALVE as a self-check. Webinar will include a review of trauma-informed practices, the social ecological model, risk and protective factors, and how students’ identities and experiences shape their perception of your program and content. Attendees who are not already implementing prevention programming using a public health approach are encouraged to attend Prevention 101 as a prerequisite.
  • Overview of Prevention Curriculum (View Webinar Here)
    • Description: In this 90-minute webinar, NCCASA’s Prevention Education Program Manager and Prevention Evaluator will provide an overview of some of the most commonly used sexual violence prevention curriculum, offering pros and cons to each, explaining the intended audience and use, topics covered, length of program, and other information local programs may need to make an informed choice about curriculum/strategy selection.
  • Evaluation for Program Success (View Webinar Here)
    • Description: This 90- minute webinar explores basic concepts used to evaluate community-based programs. We will cover why and how evaluation can be useful, different types of evaluation, and some ways to apply basic concepts to develop your evaluation plan, tailored to your own specific programs.
  • Meaningful Collaboration: Developing and Maintaining Your Task Force (View Webinar Here)
    • This 90 minute webinar will cover basic strategies and concepts for planning and developing a task force that is specific to prevention. We will discuss different types of task forces, and their possible ways of operating or roles in a community. Learn how to identify what stages of development you might be in to stay focused and build momentum. Learn about different ways to engage stakeholders and maintain membership. We will also discuss equity and representation.


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