New Title IX Regulations Released

May 8, 2024

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) was signed into law more than 50
years ago. In the decades since, Title IX’s protections have paved the way for tremendous strides
in access to education and more for millions of students across the country and have opened
doors for generations of women and girls. In spite of this historic progress, rates of sexual
harassment and assault in our nation’s schools and colleges remain unacceptably high. Many
women see their education derailed because of pregnancy discrimination. And many LGBTQI+
students face bullying and harassment just because of who they are. The Biden-Harris
Administration believes that the promise of Title IX, an education free from sex discrimination,
remains as vital now as it was when it was first signed into law.
On April 19, 2024, the U.S. Department of Education released its final rule to fully effectuate
Title IX’s promise that no person experiences sex discrimination in federally funded education.
Before issuing the proposed regulations, the Department received feedback on its Title IX
regulations, as amended in 2020, from a wide variety of stakeholders. The regulations released
today draw on the Department’s engagement with tens of thousands of students, parents,
educators, State government representatives, advocates, lawyers, researchers, and representatives
from elementary schools, secondary schools, and postsecondary institutions. After releasing the
proposed regulations in July 2022, the Department received and reviewed more than 240,000
comments from the public to inform this rulemaking.

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