January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

December 7, 2023
Dear friends,
Since December is basically January in terms of planning for HTAM, I wanted to share with you three very special learning opportunities that reflect the need for change in the anti-trafficking movement: centering our work around marginalized communities and building community-based service networks through healthy relationships and effective communication. You can use the attached infographic to share training information with staff and community partners. We are also sharing the introduction to my paper Connecting the Dots: An Examination of Sexual Violence within Human Trafficking in the Context of the United States’ Racialized History. The January 9th webinar is based on its contents, and will be available to you in its entirety at the webinar, and then by request.
Thank you to those who have shared training requests and ways NCCASA can support you in your HT work. Thank you for your care and concern for survivors, and your advocacy on their behalf. I hope to see you in one of all of the January events, and please let me know if there is anything you need, or anything you would like to share about your work. I am here to support you!
 -Courtney, Human Trafficking Program Coordinator