Equipping North Carolina’s Rape Crisis Centers to Serve Survivors of Human Trafficking

September 29, 2020

Equipping North Carolina’s rape crisis centers to serve survivors of human trafficking is one of the primary goals for NCCASA’s anti-human trafficking efforts, especially in a time as this, when accurate information about human trafficking and what survivors need is vital. Misinformation about human trafficking continues to feed narratives that harm survivors and misdirect resources. We want to equip you to be leaders in your community: to provide accurate and helpful information so that ALL survivors are served in an equitable and trauma-informed manner.

We are very excited to offer our “Expanding Our Reach” virtual training modules in a cohort learning model, which will encourage peer learning and support while engaging specific challenges about the work together. One feature of this learning opportunity is creating an awareness action plan for your community for January, Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

We will talk about sexual violence in human trafficking, we will talk about improving community outreach by looking at human trafficking from an anti-oppression lens, and we will discuss strategies for effective systems advocacy. But mostly we will focus on building community with one another in a time where we need each other more than ever before.

Interested? Apply here before October 19 since “spaces” are limited. For those who are not accepted, there will be later opportunities to receive this training again.