COVID-19 Updates

November 30, 2020

NCCASA will be updating the documents below as more information comes in about COVID-19 and how it affects NC's community and agencies.

COVID-19 Services & Resources

This drive features resources for survivors, guidance for programs, resources for coping, service delivery information, technology resources, and social media and outreach tips.

COVID-19 Federal Updates

This drive features messages from the OVW Acting Director, Department of Labor instructions, Grantee Staff Pay FAQ, OMB Administrative Leave Memo, US DOL Employer Updates and a letter from the Office of the Secretary and other resources.

Other Resources:

Health and Human Services Discretion of Communication

Title IX Resources

COVID-19 State Updates

This drive features an FAQ from the NCCFW.

NC Updates:

Latest Information from the Governor

NC Department of Health and Human Services

Language Line Guide

This resource features steps on conference calling the Language Line in the event you have a person on the phone with limited English proficiency.

Covid-19 Information in 32 Languages