2021 Spring Member Meeting

June 9, 2021

If you were able to attend the Spring Member Meeting this year, you were part of a spiritual, hopeful, and inspiring talk given by Tai Simpson. Tai is a Social Change Associate with the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence. Tai is a storyteller and was generous enough to share her talents and knowledge around storytelling in the anti-sexual violence movement with us. Our goal was to create a story of what does anti- sexual violence work look like in NC and where do we go from here. 

Here are some highlights from this time we spent in community:

As part of this time, Tai also gave three prompts for attendees to engage with. The prompts were: 

  1. How do you love yourself well?
  2. In a world without violence, I imagine ______
  3. Collective thriving is ______

The chat box overflowed with thoughtful and hopeful responses. Things like “I love myself well by connecting with my ancestors” , “by recognizing that rest is revolutionary”. In a world without violence I imagine “peace”, “all the fractured parts to be united”, “freedom”, “joy” and collective thriving is “choosing to love”, “connection”, “heaven on Earth”. 

We invite those who were unable to attend to share your responses to these prompts either through the use of this  jamboard or by emailing us directly. Your responses can be in the form of words, art, graphics. You can send your emails to leah@nccasa.org With your responses to these prompts, you’re helping NCCASA envision the future of the anti- sexual violence movement in NC and what we can do to support you in achieving your goals.

During the member meeting, we were also joined by a wonderful artist, Alexandria Clay, who provided us with a graphic rendering of our time together. You can view that image here